Vasyl Shchur

The “Humanitarian Center of Mizhhirya” was established in mid-March on the initiative of the head of the Mizhhirya Local Community Vasyl Shchur.

Hot February 2022… Insidious enemy attack, war, uncertainty… But Ukrainians quickly rallied. The military repelled the enemy invasion, еhe volunteer movement rushed to the aid of the army and civilians.
It was necessary to respond promptly to the difficult humanitarian situation caused by a sudden war. Already at that time there was a significant need to help internally displaced persons. People sought shelter in the relatively safe western regions of the country, most of them had no means of subsistence.


The Humanitarian Center engaged volunteers from among local residents and internally displaced persons who had experience in marketing, logistics, media, and foreign languages. These employees actively applied their skills in the searching for cargoes abroad, negotiating with partners, coordinating the delivery of humanitarian aid.
Our Center quickly established contacts with charitable foundations, manufacturers, representatives of diasporas, religious communities. Since the beginning of the Center’s activity we have received and distributed more than 1200 tons of cargo. These are food, clothes, hygiene products, medicines, military ammunition.


Our Center cooperates with more than 50 foreign foundations and organizations from all over Europe. In particular, PresHranice, Clovek v tisni, DIAKONIE (Czech Republic). Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic, AEPU (France), Ahrefs, Air Liquide foundation, Alight, Association of Ukrainians in Finland, World Central Kitchen and many others.
We have signed memorandums of cooperation with many organizations. And we implement projects jointly.


We sort humanitarian cargo and deliver it to most regions. We pay special attention to the areas near the war zone: Luhansk, Donetsk, Mykolaiv, Zaporizhzhya, Kharkiv, Kherson regions – where the situation is on the verge of a humanitarian catastrophe. The aid is delivered by volunteer drivers. We have also introduced targeted delivery. We send help by mail to the families in need who apply to our Center. We actively help families who have settled in Transcarpathia. We provide people with free meals and food sets, as well as free temporary housing.
Also, our Center actively helps the Armed Forces of Ukraine.
We provide soldiers with medicines, food and equipment, vehicles. We also help the units of the State Emergency Service and the Ministry of Internal Affairs, which perform tasks in the liberated territories as well as medical institutions in the frontline regions.


The Center implements a number of targeted projects. They are aimed at attracting donor assistance for specific projects: “Provision of food for IDPs”, “Food sets”, “Hygiene products”, “Bright house”, “Comfortable house”, “Help a child”, “Logistics of humanitarian cargoes”, “Reconstruction of housing”, “Cars for the Army”, “Repair of cars for the Army”, “Drones for the Army”, “Countering drones”, “Tactical medicine”.
With your help we aim to help as many people as possible who are in a difficult situation because of the war.
Let’s work together for Ukraine! Together we are stronger!