Humanitarian Center Mizhhirya

Humanitarian aid from Europe to Ukraine

Our projects


The project is aimed at providing furniture and household appliances for internally displaced persons.


The project is aimed at providing people with temporary power supply.


The project is aimed at providing food sets for people affected by the war.


This project is aimed at providing hygiene products to internally displaced persons, and people living close to war zone.


The project aims to help Ukrainian children affected by the war.


The project is aimed at the rising funds for purchase of vehicles for the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

About Us

Humanitarian Center Mizhhirya was founded in March 2022 on the initiative of Mizhhirya village Head, Vasyl Shchur – on the basis of the NGO “Regional Development Agency and Innovative “Center of Mizhhirya”.

The main task of our center is to help people affected by the war.

Currently, our center, with the help of international donors, is implementing a number of targeted projects.

They are aimed at helping people living near the war zone, internally displaced persons and Ukrainian soldiers:

In particular, these are: “Food kits”, “Hygiene products”, “Comfortable home”, “Lighted home”, “Help children”, “Delivery of humanitarian goods”, “Cars for the Armyt”, “Drones for the Army”, “Countering drones”, “Save a defender”, “Reconstruction of housing for IDPs”, “Help animals”.

In addition, our center organizes the collection and delivery of humanitarian aid to Ukraine. We have a convenient geographical position, because the center is located in the Transcarpathian region, having a common border with Hungary, Slovakia, Romania and Poland.

It is a safe place for the accumulation of humanitarian goods for their further shipment to the regions of Ukraine that need help the most.

Since mid-March we have received and delivered more than 1200 tons of various humanitarian cargo: clothes, food, medicines, medical equipment, hygiene products and ammunition for the military.

The “Humanitarian Center of Mizhhirya” has established cooperation with many international charitable organizations: DIAKONIE, , PresHranice, Clovek v tisni (Czech Republic), Agir Ensemble Pour l’Ukraine (France), ADRA, Ahrefs, Air Liquide Foundation, World Central Kitchen, Red Cross and others.

We continue to seek partnerships with NGOs, charitable and humanitarian centers, local authorities and territorial communities, manufacturers and retailers, associations of citizens who organize the collection of humanitarian aid for Ukraine.

Let’s unite our efforts! Let’s work together! Together we are stronger!

Our Team

News of our center

All for one! Together with France working for wounded soldiers


Like a family feast. People from Mizhhirya community cook rolls for military


Collection is completed – we purchased a FPV drone for soldiers!


With Ukraine in heart! Victims of war are remembered all over the world


We cannot be broken! Remebering first days of great war


Collecting for a bird – let us help army to stay!


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