Together, we are strong! We are glad to cooperate with “FOXTROT”

Achieving effective results with effective partners is always easier. The group of companies once lent us a shoulder. And skillfully helps the “Humanitarian Center Mizhhirya” with the logistics of goods. Those are flights from Europe and Ukraine. For almost two months of humanitarian cooperation, we have transported hundreds of tons of cargo. Everything was delivered to regions where the humanitarian situation is critical. People are constantly grateful for such assistance.
“Back in late March, we signed a memorandum with the Humanitarian Center of Mizhhirya. And I am very pleased that we are helping our citizens in these difficult times,” the chairman of the
Foxtrot founders council, Hennadiy Vykhodtsev, said.
It is a great honor for us to have such a partner. And it inspires us to achieve new humanitarian victories. Together, we are invincible! Let’s unite!