We take care of children! Finnish baby boxes sent to south

Each children’s set includes a variety of clothes and hygiene products. And also toys and sweets.

Our friends from Finland packaged everything with love and care — separately for boys and girls, there are also things for their mothers.

And our volunteers Vasyl Shchur, Ivan Kost, Volodymyr Shanta, Ivan Shanta took everything away and handed it over to the war-affected families of the Visokopil community of the Kherson region, which was under occupation for a long time.

Many thanks to Ukrainian Association in Finland and Auta Ukrainaa

for such important help to little Ukrainians — from our center, from the residents of Kherson Oblast and from the entire Ukrainian people!

Ukraine highly appreciates Finland’s help in these extremely difficult times.

We are together! That’s why we will win!