Six tones! Two trucks with clothes and food brought to Kherson region

We delivered 6 tons of humanitarian aid to the de-occupied Kherson region — to the Visokopilya community!

Cereals, canned goods, pasta, flour, sugar, instant soups and purees, hygiene products, various clothes for children and adults, shoes – all this was given to people who suffered from enemy occupation!

Vasyl Shchur, Ivan Kost, Volodymyr Shanta, Vanya Shanta delivered this important cargo from Mizhhirya to Kherson region.

We are happy that we successfully implemented a large humanitarian project and jointly helped hundreds of people! Thanks to everyone who formed this cargo and organized the logistics!

Great honor and respect to our donors and partners — from France, Finland, Spain, Poland, Lithuania and other countries!

Infinite gratitude from the Ukrainian people! We really appreciate this aid!

Let’s do good together! Unity is our great strength and spirit!

Agir Ensemble Pour l’Ukraine

Ukrainian Association in Finland

Asociación “Ucrania-Euskadi” / Association “Ukraine-Basque Country”

Air Liquide

Cercle Laïque Jean Macé

Birštono kurortas

Urzad Marszalkowski Wojewodztwa Mazowieckiego