Together to the meadow! An unforgettable holiday for children

Help is needed not only for the military on the front line and the people who are now hiding in bomb shelters, or are ready to go there every minute. The help is also needed for the future of our country, namely for children and their families who have lost their homes and are forced to live in cities alien to them. For this purpose, the head of our center, Vasyl Shchur, involved residents of the Mizhhirya community to arrange a small holiday for the IDPs, which can leave a bright imprint on the present.
The volunteers of our Humanitarian Center, especially those who came from the occupied or frontline cities and towns, are impressed with the level of organization of this event.  It is not only the filigree support of children’s interests for many hours. It is also the result of many days of preparation by the staff of temporary accommodation facilities for IDPs and employees of the local administration, who gladly responded to this initiative. We provided 7 buses, fuel, 5 excursions, a huge observation deck in the mountains for a picnic, as well as ATVs and animators.
Our center provided food for this holiday, which was provided by our benefactors. On behalf of the children and their parents, thank you for an unforgettable holiday!