Kitchen equipment from Czech partners

Bright borsch is boiling on the new stove in new pots.  The first dish will be served in new dishes!  And the second dish is being prepared on a new frying pan – golden sausages are frying!  If necessary, this delicious food can be heated in a new microwave…

Once again we are happy to report about good deeds from our good friends and partners. The Humanitarian Center Mizhhirya, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic and the charitable organization DIAKONE have implemented another humanitarian project. A lot of new kitchen utensils were purchased for five educational institutions of Mizhhirya community, where internally displaced citizens live and eat!

The list of purchased goods is impressive! Gas stoves, microwaves, multicookers, food processors, dishes, pots, pans and more! Everything has already been delivered to the kitchens, and our glorious cooks are already preparing delicious dishes.

This project was funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic.   This government agency has also been providing funds for food for IDPs for several months. Therefore, on behalf of the Ukrainian people, we are grateful to our Czech partners for caring for people in this tough time for our country! We appreciate your help and efforts!


Diakonie ČCE – Humanitární středisko

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic